PROGRES | Sulawesi Regional Ecological Conservation Initiative

We are a Sulawesi based conservation NGO — bundling the power of local communities and science.

The overlooked species
of Sulawesi

We chose the wildlife species that are (critically) endangered, yet have received little conservation attention. These species are the symbol of our journey, as they represent the unique biodiversity of Sulawesi.

Closely working together with local communities and authorities, we try to bring forward change from the roots.

Co-director of PROGRES Sulawesi, Ba Asnim, reading and educating in front of a class of children in rural Sulawesi.
co-director Sheherazade and several field researchers in a forest of Sulawesi.
Sulawesi Flying Fox hanging in the tree, surrounded by branches and leaves. His/her eyes are wide open and it's a birght day outside with blue skies.
Program #1 - Pteropus and Acerodon (poniki).

Sulawesi Flying Fox

Large fruit-eating bats are important for durian pollination and seed dispersal in the tropical rainforests of Sulawesi.

Program #2 - Indotestudo forstenii (baning).

Forsten's Tortoise

One of the two tortoises in Sulawesi that live on land. Its existence is important as seed disperser of cactus seeds in the tropical savannah.

Forsten's tortoise walking on the beach.
A Sulawesi Bear Cuscus in a village. This animal is a pet from one of the residents.
Program #3 - Ailurops melanotis (kuse).

Talaud Cuscus

This species can only be found in the Talaud-Sangihe Islands of Sulawesi. Feeding on lianas that wrap around trees, they vital for maintaining the health of the forest.

Our story and team

We are a conservation team that aims to initiate a community movement in protecting Sulawesi's nature.

Asnim Alyoihana Lanusi

Asnim Alyoihana Lanusi

Co-Executive Director


Co-Executive Director
Titayanto Pieter

Titayanto Pieter

Advisory Board

Supporters of PROGRES

What we have been able to achieve so far is largely thanks to our sponsors. Thank you for believing in our cause! 


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Our work has been published in several scientific journals

Education fulfils an important role in conservation

Our adventures

We conduct conservation activities throughout all of Sulawesi, Indonesia. On our social channels we try to keep people updated on new developments, research, awards, and community activities.