A girl at a local school in rural Sulawesi She is  reading a educational book on flying foxes in front of her class. This book has been designed and printed by PROGRES Sulawesi.

Awareness campaigns are an important part of conservation programs.

These activities are carried out in the villages and schools of Sulawesi. Due to electricity limitations in rural areas, we rely on engaging material that can be printed.

A group of kids reading an education flyer on Flying Foxes. This folder has been designed and printed by PROGRES Sulawesi.
Co-director of PROGRES Sulawesi, Ba Asnim, reading and educating in front of a class of children in rural Sulawesi.

Educational materials that are engaging and fun, created together with our team and freelance designers.


Make it freely accessible for anyone, so that the impact goes beyond the areas where PROGRES is active.


Appreciate the intrinsic value of nature and wildlife, together, and protect what is still left for future generations.

A group of children and one parent reading the educational book on flying foxes.
A full class of children, posing excited for a group photo on their school playground.

Children's book

Story book on the Talaud Cuscus

This book tells the unique stories of Talaud Cuscus, a marsupial in the northernmost islands of Indonesia.

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This is the cover of the children's book that aims to educate children on Flying Foxes and durian.

Children's book

Story book on Flying Foxes and durian

This book tells the life of Flying Foxes, who forage at night and help humans guard the forest. On top of that, they pollinate durian flowers so that Indonesians can enjoy the fruit they love.

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This is one of the pages of the children book that aims to educate children on Forsten's Tortoise.

Children's book

Story book on the Forsten's Tortoise

This book tells the Forsten’s Tortoise, one of the only two tortoise species in Sulawesi, living in quiet savannah ecosystems and munching cactus fruits.

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Informational flyer on Flying Foxes of Sulawesi.

Information flyer

Let's get acquinted with Flying Foxes

This poster summarizes the fascinating facts about bats that you can print and put on your wall.

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Information flyer

Talaud Cuscus poster

This poster summarizes the uniqueness of Talaud Cuscus along with the other island endemics on Talaud Islands, the producers of high quality nutmeg and cloves from the northernmost areas of Indonesia.

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A group of flying foxes hanging in the tree.

“We believe that spreading knowledge will lead to a better society - one that understands the value of the natural world around them and nurtures it”

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