We're on a mission to save endangered, yet overlooked, species

Aiming to initiate a community movement in protecting Sulawesi's nature through the preservation of endangered animals that are still neglected.

Five team members of PROGRES in the middle of a jungle, surrounded by trees and plants. As part of a conservation program, they are trying to find the Talaud Cuscus.
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What we do

Nature enthusiasts

Since being legally registered as Association on 25 October 2019, we currently have three main programs for three different wildlife species. Working together with the local community, government institutions, and other researchers, we are proud to have following activities as our main components:

  • Wildlife research and conservation
  • Community engagement
  • Educational activities
Another photo of three PROGRES team members in the jungle. This time they were trying to find the Forsten's Tortoise.
Four team members of PROGRES, sitting in a circle during the evening. One person is holding a flying fox and another person is taking samples from its fur. This is part of the conservation program.
Why we do it

Protecting Sulawesi's nature and wildlife

Sulawesi is home to myriad of wildlife species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The biodiversity on this island is so unique, serving as an exceptional biological laboratory and provider of important ecosystem services to the people. Ongoing conservation efforts are initiated to protect these services and, notably, the intrinsic value of Sulawesi's unknown wildlife. These works are expected to propel wider and more lasting community-based conservation initiatives.

What if we don't?

The clock is ticking ...

Without action, certain species native to Sulawesi will not survive in the wild and can only be found in captivity. This is something we are trying to stop - before it's too late and irreversible.

A Forsten's Tortoise in captivity. It is by itself on the floor and covered by wooden walls.

Our team

Our core team members, who are involved in the day-to-day operations. Together, we share a passion for Sulawesi's ecosystem and human well-being.


Co-Executive Director

Shera, for short, leads the programs and strategies of PROGRES. She is in charge of the program planning, management, and evaluation, including research design, scientific capacity training, and publications.


Earned a Master of Science degree and graduated summa cum laude from the Department of Ecology and Wildlife Conservation, University of Florida, USA on a full scholarship from USAID-CIFOR.


Anim, for short, leads the day-to-day operation of PROGRES. She is responsible of the finance, community engagement, and awareness campaign. She is also the author of PROGRES children story books about Sulawesi's exceptional wildlife.


20 years of experience in  community-based conservation. The only woman who found the first nature enthusiast groups in Banggai in late 1990s. Founded the Alliance for Tompotika Conservation in 2006. Selected participant of prestigious leadership training program by United in Diversity


  • Founder of the Alliance for Tompotika Conservation (2006-2018)
  • Founder of the first Nature Lovers Group in Banggai Regency.
  • Participant who entered the 2021 Leaders' BEKAL Program by United in Diversity
  • The Maleo bird conservation that she initiated has been published in international journals.
Profile photo of Asnim

Asnim Alyoihana Lanusi

Co-Executive Director

Profile photo of Titayanto Pieter

Titayanto Pieter

Advisory board

He advises PROGRES since its first establishment on our strategic approach and government relation. He has extensive experience in natural resource management, as a lecturer, scientist, and program manager at various donor agencies and philanthropist organizations.
Profile photo of Pikra
Pikra | Flying fox coordinator
Profile photo of Lilis
Lilis | Program Officer
Profile photo of Dewo
Dewo | Program Assistant
Profile photo of Ahyar
Ahyar | Tortoise coordinator assistant
Profile photo of Efran Toau
Efran | Fish coordinator program
A team member of PROGRES standing at the tip of a small boat. In front of him is the ocean, an island, and a blue sky.

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