Programs we initiated together with the community

Sulawesi Flying Fox hanging in the tree, surrounded by branches and leaves. His/her eyes are wide open and it's a birght day outside with blue skies.

Sulawesi Flying fox

Crucial for pollination and seed dispersal in tropical rainforests

Forsten's tortoise walking on the beach.

Forsten's Tortoise

One of two turtles native to the Sulawesi forest

A talaud cuscus, very high up in the trees. It's four paws wrap around the tree branch, as well as it's long tail. The color of it's fur is grey-ish.

Talaud Cuscus

Important for the health of the archipelago's forest.


Poso Lake fish

Partnering with Shoal, we just started our Fish Program in Lake Poso

Want to support our next program?

PROGRES aims to expand it's impact by continuing with current programs and setting up new initiatives. Please reach out if you want to support us!

Three team members of PROGRES during a conservation activity for the Forsten's Tortoise. The person in the middle is holding a the tortoise, while the person on the left is measuring its size.