Lake Poso Fish

Valuable assets to this world's ancient lake

Getting to know the fish in Lake Poso, Sulawesi.

Partnering with Shoal, we just started our Fish Program in Lake Poso.

We are looking for three Critically Endangered fish endemic to Lake Poso: Duck-billed bunting (Adrianichthys kruyti), “Rosen’s” bunting (Adrianichthys roseni), and Poso bungu (Mugilogobius amadi)

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  • 2022

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    Building trust with the community
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    Conducting fish surveys
A small introduction

What we do
(so far)


Building trust with the community

How we started

We interviewed fishermen around Lake Poso to understand their fishing practices, then joined them fishing to learn the techniques.

number of villages

being surveyed


fisherman followed


Conducting fish surveys

We surveyed a priority area in Lake Poso to look for the critically endangered fish species. We started with one location and will increase this during 2022.

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